Night 20Edit

Everyone returns to camp unaware of what awaits them in the next round. Not one, but two people will be out this episode. The tribe will encounter two immunity challenges and two people will get out. As they return to camp, Jon tries to warm up to the new allies he's attempted to make in voting out Alex.

[Confessional] Jon: Hopefully these people keep me around long enough to where I can split them up eventually. From there divide and conquer to the finale! Ya!

[Confessional] Becca: How trustworthy can Jon really be if he's willing to vote out his closest ally in order to work with six people who are pretty tight? That's mind blowing to me.

[Confessional] Vishaala: I'm glad Jonathan came over to the good side. I'm not going to say I can trust him, but I think it's better to have him on our side than against me!

Everyone goes to bed unaware of what's to come in the following days.

Day 22 Immunity ChallengeEdit

The tribes arrive at the beach ready for the first of two immunity challenges to come.

For this challenge each castaway must traverse a series of hurdles to retrieve bags of puzzle pieces. First three to finish will move on to the final round, where they hae to use the puzzle pieces to form a snake. First contestant to finish the snake puzzle wins immunity.

When the challenge begins the people who rush out to an early start are Ben, Brad, Corey, and Lexi. Each of them makes quick work trying to retrieve their puzzle pieces. Also in it are Johnny and Andrew who are close behind. The six of them are rushing to retrieve the pieces and get to the end of the course to move on to the second round. Many players are confident in their puzzle solving abilities and want to get to this stage.

In the end, the three people that move on are Brad, Corey, and Lexi. These three are not as confident in their puzzle abilities but each believes they need immunity to keep themself safe this round. 

They rip open their bags of pieces and begin to try to solve the snake puzzle. Corey immediately begins throwing pieces on the board and jumps out to an early lead. Lexi is also working quickly to get her pieces up and trying to pass Corey. Brad is in last taking a slow and steady approach to win the challenge. Corey has only a few pieces left and is about to complete the puzzle. He asks for his puzzle to be checked, and he is wrong. He must remove almost all of his pieces to fix his mistake. Lexi completes her puzzle but is wrong as well.

In the end, Brad finishes the puzzle and is actually correct due to his strategy of going slow but doing it the right way. Brad will have a one in nine chance at winning the money.

[Confessional] Brad: I can't believe it! I won an immunity! I'm safe! Yay!

Post-Challenge Day 22Edit

After the challenge, Johnny and Brad decide it's time to make a move. They approach Lexi, Corey, Jimmy, and Jon about voting together against the alliance. They decide that Andrew is probably the smartest in the group and it's time for them to vote him out. They worry about the possibility that Andrew has an idol, but in the end agree it's ok to vote him.

[Confessional] Johnny: If these people don't vote Andrew out, they're idiots. There's not a chance any of them beat him in the end if they let him make it through another round.

[Confessional] Lexi: The way I see it we still have another round to make a move even if Andrew does play an idol. Unless he votes me out, it's not the end of the world.

Vishaala, Becca, Ben, and Andrew get together and decide that maybe they should cut a White Collar tribe member in order to not look as threatening. As Brad has immunity, they can only vote out Johnny. They let their new ally Jon know about what their plans are and that he should vote with them tonight. Jon proceeds to tell Lexi and Jimmy about the vote and they discuss what to do.

[Confessional] Jon: We still have anothe round to make a move against the four. Maybe it isn't time yet. I'll do what the rest of the group wants to though

[Confessional] Lexi: I'm going to do whatever Jon does for now because I don't want to force rocks. If he wants to vote Johnny, we will. If he wants to vote Andrew, we will.

The tribe heads off to tribal council and answers the typical questions and then they get to the vote. The first person up to vote is Johnny, followed by Brad.

Brad: [shows vote for Andrew] Hope its you tonight!

Jon, Lexi, Jimmy, and Andrew vote next.

Andrew: [shows vote for Johnny] It's time to take you out before you convince everyone to vote ME out.

Vishaala, Becca, and Ben finish the voting and the votes are tallied.

The person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. If anyone has a hidden immunity idol and would like to use it, now is the time to do so. The camera looks at Andrew who stays calm and does not play his idol. The votes are read.

First vote: Andrew.

Second vote: Johnny.

Third vote: Andrew.

Fourth vote: Johnny.

Fifth vote: Johnny.

Sixth vote: Johnny.

Seventh vote: Johnny.

Eighth vote: and the ninth person voted out, Johnny. Please bring me your torch.

Johnny, the tribe has spoken. It's time for you to go.

The tribe returns to camp and awaits their next round.

Night 22Edit

Brad goes off by himself worried that he needs to win every immunity from here on to stay in the game.

[Confessional] Brad: I have no one now. Literally everyone but me and Johnny voted out Johnny. Great. Just great.

The rest of the tribe celebrates their newfound solidarity. The major alliance on the tribe recalls how they only need one more round to go their way and then they can at least force rocks.

[Confessional] Vishaala: Things are really looking up for me! I've managed to take control of the game this time around. Last time I relied on Steve but this time everyone needs to rely on me! [giggles]

[Confessional] Corey: Maybe Vishaala is running the game, she probably is. We should probably get her out in a reversal of power but I don't know that we'll ever get the opportunity.

[Confessional] Andrew: Johnny tried to get me and look where he's at now. Consider your faves slayed.

The tribe goes to sleep. They'll need rest for their immunity challenge coming up in a day or two.

Immunity Challenge Day 25Edit

Only nine people remain in the game.

In today's challenge the castaways must balance an oversized paddle while attempting to glide a ball down the end of the paddle where six small holes are located. The first castaway to get a ball in all six holes will win immunity.

There is a definite learning curve to this challenge and whoever can pick it up the fastest will win. The first person to get a ball is Jonathan. Not far behind are Becca, Lexi, Vishaala, and Brad. Corey is having no luck getting any balls on his paddle and this is frustrating him greatly. 

Brad, Becca, and Jon each have three balls lined up now. The rest of the players other than Lexi and Vishaala are falling out of it. Each of them get to three then four with ease. Vishaala is now out of it and Brad and Lexi have jumped out to a lead.

Each of them now have five balls and are extremely nervous. They need to get one more ball to win immunity. And then Jon jumps back into it up to 5 but he is shaking vigorously. Lexi drops a ball. Brad drops a ball. Jon drops a ball. Becca gets one and she's up to five. All of them are rolling and falling, rolling and falling, but then one of them gets their sixth ball to stick and it's Brad!

Brad will have a one in eight chance at winning the game.

[Confessional] Brad: Not one, but TWO immunity wins? What has this world come to? WOW!

Post-Challenge Day 25Edit

Brad goes over to his White Collar tribe and tells them that he wants to vote Jon out because he's been a pain since he merged and quite frankly none of them should trust him. They agree with him and tell him that that's what they will do.

[Confessional] Ben: Just because Brad wants to do that doesn't mean we should. In fact we should probably do the exact opposite. Bank!

Jon asks the group how to vote and they tell him that it's likely going to be him going honestly and they're sorry but they don't feel like they can trust him after he turned on his own allies so quickly. Jon goes to Jimmy and asks him what they should do. Jimmy suggests voting out Andrew now. Jimmy and Jon approach Corey, Lexi, and Brad about turning on the four and voting out Andrew.

[Confessional] Jon: Oh god, they're gonna get me! My only hope now is that these people turn on Andrew!

[Confessional] Brad: They want me to vote out Andrew? Where were they when I wanted them to. I don't know anymore.

The tribe heads off to tribal council and answers the typical questions and then they get to the vote. The first person up to vote is Brad followed by Lexi, Ben, Andrew, and Vishaala.

Vishaala: [shows vote for Jon] I am sorry Jonathan but you showed you cannot be trusted! 

Lexi and Jimmy vote next, followed by Jon.

Jon: [shows vote for Andrew] I can't believe I voted with you and now you'll likely get me! Even I would be surprised if I stay!

The votes are tallied. The person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. If anyone has a hidden immunity idol and would like to use it, now is the time to do so. The camera looks at Andrew who stays calm and once again does not play his idol. The votes are read.

First vote: Jon.

Second vote: Andrew.

Third vote: Jon.

Fourth vote: Andrew.

Fifth vote: Jon.

Sixth vote: Jon.

Seventh vote: and the tenth person voted out, Jon. Please bring me your torch.

Jon, the tribe has spoken. It's time for you to go.

Eight remain, who will be voted out next time, on Cove Survivor: Worlds Apart?