Night 11Edit

Corey returns to camp seeming mighty proud of how he handled the Stephen situation by voting him out. Jimmy is annoyed with Corey and now feels like he has no one in this game since Corey and Lexi voted together last round. He realizes that a tribe dissolve is likely inevitable and that it shouldn't irritate him so much, he just hopes that the alliance situation on the tribe that he gets put on isn't a solid one.

[Confessional] Jimmy: I hope me and Corey get swapped together because if I go with Lexi she's already targeting me. I don't know maybe there would be some tribe loyalty. We'll see.

[Confessional] Corey: I have so much control right now and the fact that I'm going to be placed on a tribe right now that already has people working together is going to SCREW me over. It's not fair.

[Confessional] Lexi: I'm excited for a new tribe! It'll give me a new chance to build an alliance and get myself to the end. I'm so ready.

Everyone goes to bed. Tomorrow they know there will be a change to the tribe and they will be forced into a new game where they will have to co-exist with already existing alliances.

Day 12Edit

The three tribes come together on a beach. The No Collar tribe is informed that their tribe will be dissolved as they have the least amount of people left. There are three rocks in a jar for each player to draw. One yellow rock corresponds to the White Collar tribe, and two blue rocks correspond to the Blue Collar tribe. The picking order is Jimmy, Corey, and Lexi. They each select their rocks and reveal their new tribe designations.

Jimmy: Blue Collar

Corey: White Collar

Lexi: Blue Collar

The three players move over to their respective tribes and walk back to their new camps.

At the White Collar camp, Brad and Johnny move quickly to talk to Corey about voting with them in the future. They inform him of the alliance between Andrew, Ben, Vishaala, and Becca. They say that the only one they have hope of flipping is Vishaala and that hopefully she will vote with them in the future.

[Confessional] Johnny: Ok, we got Corey now. It's still 4-3. We still need to win every challenge until merge. If we can somehow win three challenges, we can merge and have a ton of numbers against their four. 

[Confessional] Corey: Great. I'm screwed. As soon as we lose they're going to vote me and that's that. I'll need some time to gain control again.

Back at the Blue Collar tribe, Jimmy and Lexi are trying their best to fit into this new group of people. They agree that they should stick together on this tribe and maybe they'll be able to turn the previous Blue Collar tribe against each other. They find out that Paxton had to idol himself to stay safe and ask if he wants to work with them to which he says yes.

[Confessional] Paxton: Today I recruited two members into my Happier Days alliance. Only one more and we'll be able to make a sacrifice at the next tribal council. [cackles]

[Confessional] Jimmy: Yeah I don't know about Paxton right now. He seems to have lost it a bit. But I assume he'll vote with us?

Alex, Jon, Dash, and Austin have a conversation about where to go in the future. They all half-heartedly agree that they should always stick together for a majority and if they lose they should vote out Jimmy or Lexi. After this, the alliance talk dies down until the next day.

[Confessional] Alex: This tribe is so shaky. The worst thing that could happen would be if these people all fell apart and let the two people who just GOT here to take control. GOD!

[Confessional] Austin: I'm falling from cloud nine..... [breaks into song]

[Confessional] Jon: The fatty needs to SHUT UP!

Immunity Challenge Day 13Edit

The new tribes arrive on the beach for their immunity challenge. They are even now so no one will need to sit out of this challenge.

Today's challenge involves the following: tribes must race to a steep hill and remove knots from a drawbridge. Once the drawbridge opens, one tribemate must chop through a piece of wood using an axe, releasing dozens of bamboo cylinders. Tribe members must retrieve the bamboo cylinders with letters written on them. Two other tribemates must identify a mystery phrase. First to spell out "LIVE TO PLAY ANOTHER DAY" wins immunity.

Both tribes begin the challenge and spring towards the drawbridge. Right off the bat Austin takes a nasty spill and hurts his ankle slowing his tribe down. The White Collar tribe gets to the drawbridge first and undoes all of the knots while the Blue Collar tribe is only halfway done. Corey runs to the axe to start chopping through the wood to prove his strength.

After the cylinders all fall to the ground, the Blue Collar tribe has Austin chop through the wood as fast as possible. He makes fast work of it despite his hurt ankle and the tribe gathers the cylinders and runs to the end of the challenge. Both tribes are having an incredibly difficult time figuring out what the puzzle spells.

About twenty minutes pass and neither tribe can figure out what the phrase is. They try to think of common Survivor phrases but nothing comes to mind. Neither tribe is making any headway.

Before long though, Andrew and Johnny are re-arranging letters and the Blue Collar is trying to copy them. Both tribes are now moving the cylinders around to try to form the phrase. The White Collar tribe knows what the actual phrase is however, and are able to spell out LIVE TO PLAY ANOTHER DAY before the other tribe is able to copy them. The White Collar tribe has once again won immunity and is sending the Blue Collar tribe back to tribal council.

[Confessional] Jimmy: Great. We lose. What are the odds that  this tribe implodes on itself and me or Lexi doesn't go? Hopefully high.

Post-Challenge Day 13Edit

After the challenge, Dash approaches Jimmy to talk to him about where his head is at. He informs Jimmy that the tribe isn't as close as he might think. He tells him about how they tried to vote Paxton out at the last tribal council and it kind of separated the tribe. Dash sees that Austin hurt himself at today's challenge and is worried about him. He tells Jimmy that he might be willing to vote out Austin if him and Lexi wanted to. Jimmy is skeptical but says he will tell Lexi. He also tells Dash that their idol was already used.

[Confessional] Jimmy: Why would Dash want to vote out Austin? It doesn't really make sense to me. Maybe it really is just because he's weak.

Jon and Alex decide to talk to the rest of their old tribe and are very concerned that an idol will be played. They think its smart to tell Paxton that they are voting out Lexi just in case an idol is played. Jon and Alex come up with a plan to vote Paxton out with Dash since they tried to get him last time and it didn't work, so surely he wont ever vote with them again. They agree that Jon, Alex, and Dash will vote Paxton and that Paxton and Austin will vote Lexi in case somehow an idol is played on Paxton again.

[Confessional] Alex: Looking at this, it seems a bit complicated and like one of the losers might screw it up. But I was suprised at how well we came together last game so maybe it'll work.

[Confessional] Jon: Please let this one vote go through this tribe is a mess.

Jimmy and Lexi talk about how they should vote tonight. Jimmy tells Lexi that some people are going to vote her out but there's nothing they can really do about it. They agree voting Austin would be the best move for them and they wait for tribal and hope for the best.

The tribe leads for tribal council. Once there, the questions revolve around Jimmy and Lexi's integration into the tribe. They say they feel like outcasts and that no one's really done anything to try to get their vote. After the questions are done, it is time for the vote. The first person up to vote is Austin, followed by Jon and Alex.

Alex: [shows vote for Paxton] I really hope that this goes through this time. I need to have more faith than I do.

Next up are Dash, Lexi, and Jimmy.

Jimmy: [shows vote for Austin] Phase one in Jimmy's takeover of this tribe. Sorry Austin.

Last up to vote is Paxton.

Paxton: [shows vote for Lexi] I cast this vote to hide our alliance or perhaps offer the sacrifice the island requires. Good luck.

The votes are tallied. The person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. If anyone has a hidden immunity idol and would like to use it, now is the time to do so. No one plays an idol and the votes are read.

First vote: Paxton.

Second vote: Austin.

Third vote: Lexi.

Fourth vote: Paxton.

Fifth vote: Austin.

Sixth vote: Lexi. That's two votes Paxton, two votes Austin, two votes Lexi. One vote left.























Seventh vote: and the fifth person voted out, Austin. Please bring me your torch.

Austin: This really is the one that got away [begins sobbing]

Austin, the tribe has spoken. It's time for you to go.

Thirteen remain, who will be voted out next time, on Cove Survivor: Worlds Apart?