Night 6Edit

Lexi returns to camp laughing all the way back at how she got Shay out. The rest of the tribe seems pretty ticked that she's still there, but agree that at least they should be stronger as a tribe now and hopefully win a challenge.

[Confessional] Lexi: I could have either voted out one of these three, or voted out Shay and given myself a better chance to at least make a tribe swap. I went with the second option, let's hope it works.

[Confessional] Stephen: Now that Corey's pissed off about this whole thing, it's probably a good time to push his buttons even more.

Stephen starts talking about how Lexi's going to get Corey next and that "Corey in the house" will no longer be "in the house" after the next tribal council that they go to. Corey gets angry and storms off while the rest of the tribe goes to sleep.

[Confessional] Corey: What if I am next now? Screw Stephen for even saying that. If he isn't going to take this game seriously then maybe he needs to be the one to go next.

Day 7Edit

Over on the White Collar tribe, Johnny and Brad are coming up with a gameplan to get the votes. They talk about how the first thing they need to do is win the next two challenges. Optimally, they will get another member to work with after a tribe dissolves and then it will be a 4-3 minority. At that point, they will only need to flip one member of their tribe in order to regain control.

[Confessional] Johnny: All I need is Vishaala to not go with those other three. Can she really think she'll do better with them than she will with me and Brad and whoever else we get?

[Confessional] Andrew: I'm not too worried about Vishaala flipping, I don't think she'd ever want to go to rocks. The four of us are solid. Hopefully we don't get someone like Jimmy or Lexi at a swap that would just work with Johnny and Brad right away.

[Confessional] Vishaala: Do I trust Andrew more than JB? No. But those three are bigger targets together down the road and I'm playing it smart for myself this time.

On the blue collar tribe, the tribe continues to function at one with the most solid alliance being a fairly weak one between Jon and Zeptis. Everyone just seems to keep to themselves for the most part, or hangs out as a large group with the tribe. This is why people took notice when Paxton was gone around midday. Most people thought he was just going for a walk or using the bathroom, but Paxton was searching for the immunity idol.

[Confessional] Paxton: Last time these people got me out really early. This time, they won't see it coming if they try to get me out. [cackles]

Paxton ducks out from behind a tree and holds up a hidden immunity idol.

[Confessional] Paxton: This time if they try to get me it'll be one of them going. Will I know they're voting me? Oh I'll know.

Alex pulls Jon aside to talk to him about what they're going to do when the inevitably lose. Alex asks Jon how much he really trusts Zeptis of all people. Jon says that Zeptis wanted to work with him so that Alex wouldn't want to vote him out. He thinks they can work together and that Zeptis really doesn't plan on screwing Alex over this game.

[Confessional] Alex: Yeah okay Zeptis, you keep telling Jon that. I just need Dash, Paxton, and Austin to vote your ass out of here.

[Confessional] Jon: I think our talk went pretty well!

Dash gets the treemail for the day and reads what tomorrow's immunity challenge will bring. Everyone is excited and eager to keep their winning streak going. They await the challenge the next day.

Immunity Challenge Day 8Edit

The tribes enter the beach area and everyone is fairly shocked to see that Shay was voted out so early. They understand she wasn't the best at challenges but was pretty decent socially. 

Today's challenge involves each tribe standing on a floating platform where tribe members must dive down one by one and retrieve eight wheel-shaped puzzle pieces that are clipped underwater. Once all of the pieces are collected, they must identify the mystery eight-letter word (which is "treasure"). The first two tribes to finish win rewards and immunity.

For the White Collar tribe, Vishaala and Becca will sit out.

For the Blue Collar tribe, Austin and Zeptis will sit out.

The tribes begin and people start to dive into the water. Each of the first people to go are even in getting their pieces back. Lexi dives in to grab the second piece for her team going as fast as she possibly can. Ben is next for White Collar and Dash for Blue Collar not far behind. The No Collar tribe has momentum and in no time has all of their pieces, but they haven't been strong on puzzles thus far.

Blue Collar passes white collar and has all of their pieces back. After a minute, White Collar has their pieces too. Blue Collar can't make heads or tails of the puzzle. Lexi identified the word almost right away, ordered the pieces, and finally won immunity for her tribe. In addition to immunity, No Collar also wins fishing gear and a canoe.

White Collar may have been behind in getting the pieces, but they quickly unscramble the word and win immunity for their tribe along with fishing gear.

The Blue Collar tribe has lost and will go to tribal council tonight.

[Confessional] Zeptis: We were bound to lose eventually. I just hope it's not me who goes because of it.

Post-Challenge Day 8Edit

Alex pulls Jon aside and tells him that the only way he will vote with him and Zeptis is if Jon is willing to go all-in and vote out Paxton with him. Jon is hesitant but tells Alex he will think about it. Alex says that if he doesn't, there is no hope going forward together.

[Confessional] Alex: If I'm going to vote with Jon and that hog, I need us all to be in the same boat together.

Dash and Austin talk over their choices because they feel they've been excluded from all conversations involving voting. They decide Zeptis is their weakest member and maybe they should vote him out first. They'll talk to Paxton as well.

[Confessional] Dash: I see no reason not to vote Zeptis. I'm sure Alex would do it with us as well. But I'll have to see what he wants to do.

[Confessional] Paxton: I'll do what I want, it's my idol and my vote!

Alex talks to Dash and weighs the option of voting out Zeptis or Paxton but thinks they should all vote together. Dash lets Alex know that Paxton wants to vote Austin and that they need to come up with a plan of what to do.

[Confessional] Alex: Now would be a great time for me to get revenge on Zeptis but I don't know if it's going to work out best for me if I do. We'll see. 

[Confessional] Zeptis: I'm screwed. I'm relying on Alex who I screwed over last game. It's over.

The tribe heads off to tribal council to vote someone out. They are asked questions about alliances on the tribe and whether or not there is a strong group. No one seems to think there is and they agree that this vote might be chaotic. It's then time to vote.

The first person to vote is Austin, then Zeptis.

Zeptis: [shows vote for Paxton]  I don't even know what you're doing but I want to be in majority.

Alex: [vote is not shown] This is what's best for my game, all hate aside.

Dash votes next.

Paxton: [vote is not shown] I'll get what I want!

The vote is tallied. The person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. If anyone has a hidden immunity idol and would like to use it, now is the time to do so. Paxton stands up, cackles, and plays his idol. Alex looks mortified at the possibility that any one of them could go.

First vote: Paxton, does not count.

Second vote: Paxton, does not count.

Third vote: Paxton, does not count.

Fourth vote: Austin.

Fifth vote: Zeptis.























Sixth vote: and the third person voted out, Zeptis. Please bring me your torch.

Zeptis, the tribe has spoken. It's time for you to go.

Fifteen remain, who will be voted out next time, on Cove Survivor: Worlds Apart?