Night 21Edit

The tribe returns to the beach in a much calmer state after voting Jimmy out, and are confused to see that their fire is out and their shelter is ripped apart.

[Confessional] Alex: Oh hell no. Jimmy thinks he can come onto this tribe, put out our fire, and rip down the shelter? This is worse than that one time Elissa Slater made it to final six on Big Brother 15. 

[Confessional] Zeptis: I just forgot that I was supposed to vote Jimmy and not Daniel. The lack of food is messing with me.

[Confessional] Steve: And back to everything being calm, much better.

The tribe has to build a makeshift shelter before they go to sleep when it starts to rain. Everything is getting soaked as there is no longer a tarp and shelter to protect them. People can't sleep through the night because they are sopping wet, and people are put in a bad mood.

[Confessional] Shay: [whining] I can't do this anymore...

[Confessional] Zeptis: Is it possible to trade in my idol for a few drumsticks?

Night turns into day, and the tribe discusses where the future of this tribe is headed.

Day 22Edit

I don't know about you, but it's now day 22, and the old Kanza Tribe is discussing how to get majority. Houston, Quinn, Ian, Shay, and Daniel discuss how to bring in new people to the alliance. Shay decides that she will first ask Zeptis and Austin to vote with them. Shay knows they always listen to her, and assumes now that they're on a tribe together that they'll make a Final 3 deal with her. They agree that they need to stick together until the end and promise that they'll vote with her.

Alex sees that his two sheep are drifting away, and sees that he needs to rope them back in. He reminds them that they won't beat her in the end as people generally like her. The six of the original Yevapai Tribe need to stick together until the majority of Kanza is voted out.

[Confessional] Zeptis: No one decides what I do in this game except myself. I'm sick of people making decisions for me like when they killed my pig.

[Confessional] Alex: How many more times can I keep the little piggies voting with me, I mean really...

Ian decides they should try to get one more vote and he talks to Anthony about voting with him. He asks Anthony for a Final 2 deal to which Anthony agrees. He discusses how they need to target Alex before he wins the game. Anthony says that might be a good choice and they'll decide after the immunity challenge tomorrow

[Confessional] Ian: I hope we got Anthony. We really only need one vote and I'm not sure about Austin and Zeptis ever voting with us even if they are close to Shay

[Confessional] Shay: I know we have the votes now. Zeptis and MooMoo will vote with us and we'll be able to send someone home. The only problem is if one of them has an idol.

The tribes await Day 23 and the next immunity challenge.

Day 23Edit

For this challenge, the players must balance on a small wood buoy in the ocean. Last one standing wins. As the challenge continues, the players must move up the steps on the buoy without falling. The challenge will go on until they are on the last step, and if necessary a tiebreaker will occur.

Almost before the challenge even begins, Zeptis and Austin fall off. Alex also falls off, followed by Anthony and Shay.

Six players remain: Daniel, Houston, Quinn, Ian, Nick, and Steve.

They are asked to step up to the next step and Steve falls off. They are now half an hour into the challenge. The challenge nears the one hour mark and Houston falls off. There are four players remaining. They all must step up to the final portion of the platform which is the hardest to balance on. Fifteen minutes afterwards, Daniel falls off. 

The three remaining are Quinn, Ian, and Nick.

They begin to try to make deals and promise that if Nick drops they won't vote him out. Nick agrees and inconspicuously drops out of the challenge leaving just Quinn and Ian. Ian agrees that Quinn can have this one and jumps off.

Quinn wins immunity, and the tribes must go back to their camp and await the next vote.

[Confessional] Quinn: I don't know why Ian dropped since he could be the vote tonight, I guess he has faith in Anthony actually voting with us.

Post-Challenge Day 23:Edit

Shay and Ian decide that they need to split the votes in case someone like Alex has an idol. They agree that everyone should vote the following people:

Alex: Shay, Houston, Daniel, and Anthony.

Nick: Ian, Austin, Zeptis, and Quinn.

In Steve and Alex's alliance, they instruct everyone to vote for Shay. She is leading their side and it's time for her to go since apparently she can win immunities too.

[Confessional] Steve: I don't know why Shay is so confident she has Austin and Zeptis, they've been loyal to us all game and I don't expect them not to be now.

[Confessional] Ian: This all hinges on the new people we tried to pull in. If they dont vote with us, we're screwed.

[Confessional] Shay: I sure hope Anthony is actually with us. Maybe we shouldn't split the vote!

No one other than Zeptis has an idol, and it is unlikely that he will play it tonight.

When they arrive at tribal council, the questions asked at tribal council are rather vague and no one wants to hint at how this vote is going to fall.

Everyone begins to walk up to vote. Anthony, Zeptis, Austin, Ian, and Daniel vote.

Quinn: [shows vote for Nick] I sure hope this split works.

Shay and Steve vote.

Alex: [shows vote for Shay] You've overstayed your welcome, I can't believe you lasted out here this long without food.

Nick and Houston vote and the votes are tallied.

The person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. If anyone has a hidden immunity idol and would like to use it, now is the time to do so.

No one stands up and the votes are read.

First vote: Alex

Second vote: Nick

Third vote: Shay

Fourth vote: Shay

Fifth vote: Shay

Sixth vote: Alex

Seventh vote: Alex

Eighth vote: Nick

Ninth vote: Shay

The vote is 4-3-2.








Tenth vote: and the tenth person voted out, Shay. Please bring me your torch.

Shay, the tribe has spoken. It's time for you to go.

Ten remain, who will be voted out next time, on Survivor: The Cove?