Night 14Edit

As the tribe walks back from their night at tribal, AJ and Jimmy are completely dumbfounded. They discuss how a tribe swap has to be next, and that maybe that will be their saving grace in the game. Unless that happens, they both think they're screwed as the group of six is clearly sticking together and not turning on one another.

[Confessional] AJ: Not a shock that Austin and Zeptis once again aren't playing for themselves. It sucks that Vishaala had to get out in a complete blindside where she tried to save Jimmy.

[Confessional] Jimmy: I'm more blindsided than when my eleventh grade english teacher hit me with a restraining order.

Both tribes go to sleep and await the likely tribe swap the next day.

Day 15Edit

Both tribes wake up and read their tree mail instructing them to meet at the beach that they normally do for challenges. They are instructed to bring everything with them as this is the tribe swap.

The tribes arrive at the beach and are told to drop their buffs for a swap. Each new tribe will contain seven members. The players will reach into an urn to pull out a stone. If they receive a red rock, they will be on the Kanza Tribe. If they receive a blue rock, they will be on the Yevapai Tribe.

The first person to pull a rock is AJ. He pulls a red rock and is placed on Kanza.

Next up is Alex, who picks a blue rock and is placed on Yevapai. 

After everyone pulls stones, the tribes are as follows:

Kanza: AJ, Anthony, Austin, Houston, Ian, Quinn, and Shay.

Yevapai: Alex, Corey, Daniel, Jimmy, Nick, Steve, and Zeptis.

Each tribe is directed to go back to their old camp and get to know each other.

At the Kanza tribe, AJ lets the rest of the old Yevapai Tribe know that he was an outcast on his old tribe. He says he wants to vote with them to take out either Anthony or Austin when they lose.

[Confessional] Quinn: AJ was definitely quick to turn on his old tribe, I'm hoping we won't need his vote anyway since we have four right now.

[Confessional] Shay: I'm sure no one expected me to still be here and now it's time to make merge and prove people wrong again.

[Confessional] AJ: I hope this merge gives me new life in this game, if not then **** all of them.

Quinn and Houston talk about what will happen when they lose and agree that the four of them should all stick together.

On Yevapai, Corey and Daniel were the only two from Kanza switched. Jimmy approaches them and tells them that he was on the outs on old Yevapai and says that they can have three people there. Daniel also approaches Zeptis to ask if he'd flip because he's likely treated like garbage by his alliance. Together, these four could change the game.

[Confessional] Jimmy: Oh, that's nice that Corey and Daniel will flip. I know he won't.

[Confessional] Corey: I've got majority once and can do it again. Only need Zeptis, how hard can that be?

[Confessional] Zeptis: I'll do whatever I want.

After the original conversations, nothing much takes place until Day 17. 

Day 17 Edit

On Day 17 the tribes receive a tree mail that one tribe will go to tribal council tonight, and the other tomorrow. Each tribe will have their own individual immunity challenge so that one person will go into tribal with safety. The first tribal will be the new Yevapai Tribe, and they go to their challenge around midday on that day.

The Yevapai Tribe arrives at the beach and the immunity challenge is as follows. Each player will hold themselves under a cage below the water. As the tide comes in, the water will cover their cage and whoever can hold themselves under the longest will win.

Before the cages are even covered, Zeptis and Alex drop out of the challenge. Alex decided he wasn't going to win anyways and wanted to be comfortable and not feel claustrophobic. 

The tribe is tempted to drop out for a plate of chicken wings. Steve drops out for the wings and shares them with Nick who also drops out. The last three people in are Corey, Jimmy, and Daniel. Jimmy can no longer hold himself under and is forced to let Daniel and Corey fight it out. The water is now completely over the cage and it's a contest of who can hold their breath the longest. Corey drops out because he can't hold his breath any longer and Daniel wins immunity!

The Yevapai Tribe must go back and decide who to vote out and attend Tribal Council that night.

[Confessional] Daniel: Thank GOD I won that. I don't have to worry that it's me now and it almost certainly means I made merge.

They arrive back at camp and decide who needs to go. Corey, Jimmy, and Daniel decide to vote out Alex as he was the leader of the alliance on the old tribe. Steve, Nick, and Alex decide to vote out Corey because he's annoying and the "leader". This leaves Zeptis as the swing vote.

[Confessional] Steve: People seem to worry about Zeptis. I ain't worried. He's been loyal so far, he'll continue to be.

[Confessional] Alex: Zeptis hasn't strayed yet, if he decides to tonight when my head is on the line, I'll make his life HELL.

Jimmy and Zeptis talk before tribal and Jimmy tells Zeptis he'll vote however Zeptis does to keep themselves in majority.

[Confessional] Zeptis: I'll do what I please and what's best for me, thanks. Did I mention I found a hidden immunity idol today while stumbling to the bathroom? How crazy right?

The tribe heads off to tribal council. When the arrive, the questions asked at tribal council are only marked by the controversy Corey tries to cause to get people to vote Alex.

It's time for the vote. Nick, Alex, and Zeptis vote.

Steve: [shows vote as Corey] Hopefully this sends you home. I can't imagine how you got control on your old tribe but you don't have none here.

Corey and Jimmy vote.

Daniel: [shows vote as Alex] Being immune I feel like this is a risk worth taking. 

The vote is tallied. The person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. If anyone has a hidden immunity idol and would like to use it, now is the time to do so.

No one stands up. The votes are read.

First vote: Corey

Second vote: Corey

Third vote: Corey

Fourth vote: Alex

Fifth vote: Alex

Sixth vote: and the seventh person voted out, Corey. Please bring me your torch.

Corey, the tribe has spoken. It's time for you to go.

Day 18Edit

The same challenge happens for the Kanza Tribe today where Quinn wins immunity. After the challenge, the tribe returns to discuss the vote.

Anthony and Austin tell AJ that the other side is going to vote him out because they don't trust him after how fast he was willing to flip on his old tribe. AJ is pissed that they'd waste their vote and decides they should vote out Shay because she might actually be in control of their side. 

[Confessional] AJ: Why the hell would they vote ME out? I don't even have any damn allies.

[Confessional] Anthony: We need to stick TOGETHER. I'll talk to Houston since apparently he was in the minority on the old tribe and we can flip him.

Anthony talks to Houston and tells him to change the game. He tells Houston that the vote is Shay.

Immediately after, Quinn talks to Houston about how the vote is AJ. He says they need to stick together, get to the merge, and team up with Daniel again.

[Confessional] Houston: What the crap? I'm the swing vote? I can't believe I have all the power. It's not really shocking that everyone wants to work with me though.

[Confessional] Shay: I'm not about to get voted out before the merge when I've made it this far, especially not by Houston

The tribe heads off to tribal council. When the arrive, the questions asked at tribal council are irrelevant to anything that has really occurred so far. Houston has immunity and cannot be voted for.

It's time for the vote. AJ, Quinn, and Austin vote.

Anthony: [shows vote for Shay] I hope you get to go back to the trailer you came from!

Shay, Ian, and Houston cast their votes.

The vote is tallied. The person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. If anyone has a hidden immunity idol and would like to use it, now is the time to do so. No one has an idol on the tribe, so no one does.

The votes are read.

First vote: AJ

Second vote: Shay

Third vote: AJ

Fourth vote: Shay

Fifth vote: AJ

Sixth vote: Shay

















Seventh vote: and the eighth person voted out, AJ. Please bring me your torch.

AJ, the tribe has spoken. It's time for you to go.

Twelve remain, who will be voted out next time, on Survivor: The Cove?