Night 11Edit

The Kanza Tribe returns to camp, down to just six members and one person who clearly voted in the minority. Houston wants to talk to Daniel and Quinn to make sure he's still good and that he just voted Ian as a pity vote for Johnny. They say they understand and the three of them will vote against the other three and try to pull in Shay against Corey if they lose again. Everyone is on board, but consider the fact that a tribe swap might be coming.

[Confessional] Daniel: Oh no, Houston is gone if we lose again. I wouldn't risk tearing apart five solid votes for Houston. Not at this stage in the game at least.

[Confessional] Houston: I'm just glad the three of us are going to stick together and take Corey out next. He's kind of gross anyway.

[Confessional] Shay: I don't really know where to go from here. So far this game I've voted out Andrew, Paxton, and Johnny. How the hell did this end up happening?

The six remaining members try to have a relatively calm night and all go to bed early and await what might happen the next day. Everyone has the dreaded tribe swap on their mind, but for some people they should be hoping for it to gain new life in the game.

Day 12Edit

Day 12 featured a reward challenge in which opposing tribes would throw coconuts into the net of the opposing tribe and two members of each tribe would be forced to hold up said net as long as possible. The winner of the reward would win steaks, sausages, vegetablse, condiments, and wine. The Kanza Tribe won the reward and brought their winning back to camp to celebrate.

Everyone was happy and enjoyed for the first time in nearly two weeks, a meal that didn't consist of rice. However, a minor fight came out of the festivities when two members of the tribe decided to split the entire bottle of wine together, leaving the other four with nothing. Ian and Shay were laughing away in a sea of wine-induced bliss while the rest of the tribe glared at them without their understanding of the situation.

[Confessional] Ian: Me? No. Nooooo. I didn't do anything wrong I just [jibberish]. 

[Confessional] Shay: So what, all my friends are gone...I just wanted to...wanted to enjoy myself for like, a know?

[Confessional] Daniel: Shay is a mess.

Corey, naturally, was displeased with the fact that he wasn't spared any wine and screamed at Shay for it, who followed it up with laughing for approximately ten minutes straight, further angering Corey because he couldn't do anything.

This concluded the events of Day 12 and 13, as both tribes eagerly awaited their next immunity challenge as no swap was in sight.

Day 14Edit

Day 14 was the day of the sixth immunity challenge. Both tribes walked onto the beach and Yevapai saw that Johnny was voted out at the last tribal council. The tribe was surprised, but not too surprised. They figured Shay would be the next to go.

Today's challenge would take place in the ocean. Both tribes would stand on beams and have to move the furthest tribe member across the beam without falling to the platform of safety. Once that person crossed, the next would go. If one person fell in the water, the whole tribe had to restart. The Yevapai Tribe had to sit out three members, none of which who sat out the reward. They decided to sit out Zeptis, Austin, and Vishaala for being the bigger and/or less graceful members of the tribe. 

Each tribe was on their beams. The Kanza Tribe decided to make Shay pass through first because they didn't want her falling at the end. To everyone's surprise, she completed it on the first attempt. On Yevapai, Anthony was not so lucky, falling in the water twice before crossing once. Kanza had passed Shay and Quinn through the line when Houston fell forcing the tribe to start over. Shay was able to cross over on her first attempt again, but they were still two members behind Yevapai now. With only three people left on Yevapai, Nick made one fatal step at the end of the platform and fell into the water forcing his team to restart. As they were all climbing back on top of the beam, Kanza passed their last member to the platform winning the challenge.

The Yevapai Tribe would be going to tribal council.

[Confessional] Steve: What a way to lose. We were so close and just doggone blew it.

Post-Challenge Day 14Edit

Everyone on Yevapai was less than thrilled to end their hot streak and have to vote someone out. Jimmy was worried about being the next one to go and went to Steve immediately to apologize for the vote yesterday. He told Steve that it was Zeptis and Austin's decision so they had to go with what they said. Steve said he understood, but it didn't look good for Jimmy.

[Confessional] Jimmy: One wrong vote and I'm screwed. Just like that, it's game over.

Jimmy, Vishaala, and AJ gathered together to discuss what to do. Jimmy was all worked up over the fact that Steve basically told him that he was getting voted out. Vishaala calmed him down before letting them in on the secret that she found a hidden immunity idol. She said that if they were voting him out at tribal, she could play it on him and void all of the votes and they could decide who went home. Jimmy suggested Steve but Vishaala didn't want to vote him again. She said last time was enough as she knew he wasn't going, but she wouldn't give him an idol to take him out.

[Confessional] Vishaala: I will NOT play a part in taking Steven out, I will help Jimmy take out someone like Anthony or Nicholas.

[Confessional] Jimmy: I guess if she's giving me her idol, I have to vote with her. Wouldn't be the first time I've had to submit to an older woman. [winks at camera]

[Confessional] AJ: This is the best plan, Vishaala wants to vote out Anthony so I guess we're going to do that, void the votes on Jimmy, and go from there.

Jimmy decides they should talk to Zeptis and Austin again before playing any idols to try to sway their vote. Jimmy tells them that the vote is Anthony and that they should break the trio of Steve, Nick, and Anthony up by voting one out. After this happens, Alex promptly swoops in to tell Zeptis and Austin that it's not the right time to flip on Steve. The time will come and they'll be in control of the game. Zeptis and Austin seem a little put off being told what to do, but seem to be ok with voting with Alex.

[Confessional] Austin: I don't speak for Zeptis, but I think it'd be best to go with the plan that Alex and Steve have for now. Seems like the right thing to doooo.

[Confessional] Alex: I swear to God if one of these two screws the vote up I will filet them with the damn machete when we get back to camp after tribal. Ooooh.

The tribe heads off to tribal from their beach unsure about how the votes will fall tonight. As usual, questions are asked, people seem to give very political answers, and then it is time for the vote.

Nick, Zeptis, Austin, Steve, Vishaala, Nick, Anthony, and AJ vote.

Jimmy: [shows vote for Anthony] No one's going to expect what's about to happen [giggles]

The vote is tallied. The person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. If anyone has a hidden immunity idol and would like to use it, now is the time to do so.

Everyone looks around as Vishaala stands up. She informs everyone that she will be playing her idol on Jimmy, and the votes will fall were they may. Everyone looks at each other in a sort of surprised manner. Jimmy and AJ laugh. The votes are read.

First vote: Anthony

Second vote: Anthony

Third vote: Anthony

Fourth vote: Vishaala

Fifth vote: Vishaala

Jimmy and AJ gasp.

Sixth vote: Vishaala

Seventh vote: and the sixth person voted out, Vishaala. Please bring me your torch.

Vishaala, the tribe has spoken. It's time for you to go.

Jimmy and AJ sit in stunned silence as the group of six laughs to themselves.

Fourteen remain, who will be voted out next time, on Survivor: The Cove?