Night 9Edit

Distraught and distrusting after last night's tribal council, Houston and Johnny return to camp and are trying to figure out ways to flip the game. Johnny tells Houston he needs to get Quinn and Daniel and Johnny will get Shay to form a new majority against Corey and Ian. Houston says that he'll get on it and that he'll go talk to them now. 

Despite it being incredibly late, Houston begins to question Daniel and Quinn and asks them whether or not they'd be willing to vote Corey out the next time that they lose. They both tell Houston to wait until tomorrow to talk about this as it's incredibly late.

[Confessional] Houston: I'm in minority now and now I have to vote with Daniel and Quinn no matter what they do. Unless I can convince them to vote how I want to...

[Confessional] Johnny: I know I have Shay's vote regardless. Maybe me and her should be teaming up with Corey and Ian to take out the other three. They always have been the dangerous trio on this tribe...

[Confessional] Corey: Another vote going my way, can't say I'm surprised. The only thing that could hurt me now is a tribe swap!

Everyone goes to bed and decides to discuss strategy in the morning. There will be plenty of time for that later.

Day 10Edit

As the sun rises and the Kanza Tribe is awakened, everyone sits around the fire and eats their breakfast rice. Before people can even finish their meal, Houston pulls Daniel aside to talk about their future in the game. Daniel decides that he needs Houston and Quinn to vote with him in the future, and decides to show them his idol. He lets them know that no matter what now they'll have the votes. Whether they choose to vote out Johnny or Corey, they'll be fine.

[Confessional] Daniel: I decided to show them my idol today because I trust them both and figure that we'll stick together until the end of this game. The other two could flip to Johnny and Shay, so I need them on my side for now.

[Confessional] Houston: Oh my gosh, Daniel has an idol. What the frick?

[Confessional] Quinn: Wow, Daniel has an idol. That's lucky for me I guess since we're a Final 2. This can only help us going forward.

Johnny decides this might be a good time to talk to Ian just in case the other three decide to go against him and Shay. He asks Ian if there's any chance that Corey will want to vote with them. Ian says its not likely after Johnny just voted Corey out, but he can talk to him later. He says that the smartest thing might be to vote out Houston or Daniel so that they have a solid group of four.

[Confessional] Ian: I know there's no chance that Corey flips. I'm going to tell Johnny that he's ok, but I really know that he's not. He better hope we win this immunity challenge.

Nothing else occurs on the Kanza tribe worth noting for the rest of the day. They'll all need to prepare for the next immunity challenge.

Evening of Day 10Edit

Over at the Yevapai Tribe, while the tribe is preparing for dinner, Zeptis is sleeping. After winning reward yesterday. Zeptis enjoyed having the pig they won as reward around as company. He said it reminded him of back home with the farm animals that he had. Everyone could see that he had become quite attached to the pig. The rest of the tribe however, was ready to feast on the pig for dinner.

~flashback~ [Confessional] Zeptis: I'm happy we won the pig at the immunity challenge yesterday. I named him Pancakes to remind me of another thing I miss most. I'm glad we have an animal around camp.

As Zeptis sleeps, Nick decides that they should kill the pig as a tribe before Zeptis wakes up and becomes very emotional about the whole thing. The tribe agrees to let Nick kill the pig and then they will roast it over the fire they've built. Zeptis sleeps for another hour before waking up, but by then the pig is already half cooked.

Upon waking up, he groggily realizes that his pig Pancakes is gone. He demands to know who is responsible for the pig dying and he argues that he never agreed to killing it.

[Confessional] Zeptis: How disrespectful. I can't believe they'd kill my pig. Whoever did this is going to pay. I'll make them regret killing Pancakes.

[Confessional] Nick: Oh, I'd love to see Zeptis come at me. All I'd have to do is run down the beach and I'd be safe because Zeptis would be winded by then.

The tribe lets Zeptis know that they agreed together, but Nick ultimately killed the pig. Zeptis blames Nick wholeheartedly and screams about how he's the next person to go. Alex has to go calm Zeptis down because ultimately he needs Zeptis to continue voting with them.

[Confessional] Alex: Ugh, Zeptis is completely bipolar and should have known we'd kill that pig. But I kinda need his vote so...I guess I have to comfort him?

Night falls and both tribes await the Day 11 immunity challenge.

Day 11Edit

Both tribes gather in a field for this immunity challenge. Yevapai gets their first look at the new Kanza tribe seeing that Stephen was voted out. The reaction is minimal and no one is particularly surprised.

Today's challenge involves teams of two going out into a field of crates blindfolded and grabbing one at a time and bringing them back to build a staircase. The first tribe that returns all their crates, removes their blindfolds, and builds the staircase will win immunity. The Yevapai Tribe must sit two people out from the challenge that they didn't sit out yesterday. They choose to sit out Vishaala and Zeptis. Each team needs to select a caller as well to direct the people who are blindfolded. Kanza selects Corey and Yevapai selects Steve

As the challenge begins, Corey and Anthony begin to shout out commands to the rest of their tribe. Yevapai takes an early lead and Corey begins screaming that people need to listen and that they can't win unless these people follow instructions. Anthony easily directs his team to their crates and quickly have a lead of three creates to one. Austin slams into a post during the challenge and seems pretty shaken up, but continues moving. The score gets closer and it becomes four to three. Corey is still screaming at the top of his lungs but his tribe seems to have gotten themselves together. Yevapai goes up five to three. Then five to four. Yevapai gets their last crate and just has to stack them all properly and climb to the top of their platform. As they unblindfold, Kanza gets their fifth crate. Yevapai begins their staircase. They seem to be making quick work of it when Kanza unblindfolds. Kanza begins to build the base of their staircase as Yevapai climbs up to their platform, winning immunity for the fourth time out of five rounds.

The Kanza Tribe will face elimination at tribal council again tonight.

[Confessional] Johnny: *sigh* Unless something crazy happens tonight, I'm probably gone. We needed to win this one.

Post-Challenge Day 11Edit

Johnny asks Houston to find out what Daniel and Quinn are planning on doing. He tells Houston to ask if they'd rather vote out Ian or Corey. Houston reports back that Daniel said Ian, as Corey will always be a big target.

[Confessional] Johnny: We need to agree to whatever Daniel and Quinn choose. Whatever gives me more votes. Corey won't vote with me anymore so that's a lost cause.

Daniel, Quinn, and Houston meet to discuss the vote. Daniel and Quinn let Houston know that they want to vote out Johnny. Houston does his best to try to convince them that maybe they should vote out Ian so they'll have Johnny and Shay's vote but they disagree.

[Confessional] Houston: I ain't gonna vote out Johnny. I think he deserves to know he's going also, nothing he can do since Daniel has the idol.

Houston tells Johnny that there seems to be no way that Johnny will stay tonight, but he will vote Ian with Johnny too. Johnny says okay but doesn't expect much tonight.

[Confessional] Johnny: It just sucks being in a position where there's nothing you can do and you know you're going to be voted out.

Johnny tells Shay to vote him out so that she can stick with the majority alliance, and maybe Houston will get out before her for voting Ian out tonight.

[Confessional] Shay: I don't want to vote out my BFF. This sucks. This is like when Andrew went, just less surprising. It makes me not want to be here anymore.

The tribe heads to tribal council to vote someone out. Questions are asked, but there's a confident air about the vote tonight. Everyone walks up to cast their votes. First Houston, then Daniel, then Quinn, then Corey, then Ian, then Johnny, and lastly Shay.

Shay: [shows vote for Johnny] I hope this doesn't go to waste and it gets me further in this game. I'm so sorry this happened this way.

The vote is tallied. The person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. If anyone has a hidden immunity idol and would like to use it, now is the time to do so. No one stands up and the votes are read.

First vote: Johnny

Second vote: Ian

Third vote: Johnny

Fourth vote: Ian

Fifth vote: Johnny

Sixth vote: and the fifth person voted out, Johnny. Please bring me your torch.

Johnny, the tribe has spoken.

Fifteen remain, who will be voted out next time, on Survivor: The Cove?