Night 7Edit

The camp is silent after Dash's blindside. Of course, that won't last for long. Not even half an hour has passed before AJ starts digging into both Austin and Zeptis calling them "good for nothing fat *****'s" and yelling about how worthles they are in challenges and that they should be the next to go. Alex pulls them both aside and tells them that they all made the right move and that their plans to move forward as a final three are intact. If they lose again, there are a clear group of three that will be out. Anthony also comforts the two of them saying they shouldn't have to listen to AJ's tirade and that he will calm down eventually.

[Confessional] Alex: Oh yeah AJ, scream at the only two people who would have ever flipped back to you, because that's a good strategy.

[Confessional] AJ: When people piss me off I yell at them, it's what I do, sorry not sorry that those two are complete useless pieces of ****.

[Confessional] Jimmy: I'm so screwed in this game now. I traded in Steve for two people who didn't even have my back. I guess that's what I get for putting my trust into Zeptis of all people.

Later that night before going to bed, Jimmy apologizes on behalf of AJ to Austin and Zeptis. He says that he is upset with them but what AJ said was uncalled for. When the dust settles, everyone goes to bed and awaits the next day that will likely be filled with just as much drama, and potentially new idol paranoia.

Day 8Edit

Vishaala, Anthony, and Steve are all off in the river together bathing after lunch. Some light talk of strategy is brought up, especially after it is known that Vishaala voted out Steve at the previous tribal council. Vishaala tells Steve that she knew he wasn't going anyways since Austin and Zeptis told her how they were voting. Vishaala says she only voted Steve to please everyone.

[Confessional] Steve: I don't care who you're trying to please, you ain't gonna vote me out especially when you're already making me a target and then expect me to go running back to you!

[Confessional] Vishaala: Steve is so upset with me right now, but he'll get over it like he always does. *giggle*

Anthony begins talking about what he'd do with the money if he won. This leads to him and Steve drifting off into a conversation of all the things that one million dollars could buy. While this is happening Vishaala moves downstream a bit to finish bathing and walk back to camp. While walking out of the stream, she gets her foot stuck on something that feels like rope on the bottom of the riverbed and begins to panic a bit. Steve and Anthony are about to get up to help her with whatever it is she is freaking out about before she motions to them that she's ok. Vishaala untangles the rope from her foot and tries to figure out what it leads to. In a complete shocking twist of fate to her, she lifts up from the murky water what appears to be the re-hidden immunity idol. She finds a way to get out of the stream without the other two noticing the idol, and hides it in a place she can find later.

[Confessional] Vishaala: I was so confused I thought I was getting bit by something and then oh wow look, the idol! You can imagine how surprised I was.

Back at the Kanza Tribe Corey is incredibly upset because his socks are apparently missing. He had two pairs, and they are both gone. He immediately begins yelling about how it's not funny and that whoever took them needs to give them back right now.

[Confessional] Stephen: I took Corey's socks and threw them in the fire last night for entertainment purposes. His reaction is more than I bargained for and it's absolutely hilarious.

[Confessional] Corey: When I find out who did this to me, I am going to drag them into the ocean and drown them.

Of course because of the dramatic fashion that Corey is going about talking about his socks, everyone forms a circle around the fire and begins to discuss the events. Seeing that the discussion is going nowhere, eventually talk shifts to a new subject. Later that day Stephen tells Johnny and Ian that it was him who created all this chaos and the three of them laugh about it and talk about how crazy Corey is.

The rest of the day goes by rather uneventful, and both tribes prepare themselves for the immunity challenge tomorrow.

Day 9Edit

Both tribes arrive at the immunity challenge where the Kanza Tribe sees that Dash was voted out at the last tribal council. Considering that he was one of the most athletic players on Yevapai, they are quite pleased to see that he is gone.

Today's immunity challenge involves players climbing atop a raft and smashing planks that hold keys to a crate back on the beach. The goal is to get all of the keys, unlock the crate to retrieve the sand bags inside, then throw those sandbags at blocks on pedestals back on land. The first tribe to knock over all of their blocks will win immunity and reward. The reward that the tribes are playing for is a pig that they can use however they see fit.

Yevapai must sit one person out that didn't sit out in the previous challenge, and they decide to sit out Austin.

Johnny and Nick race up the raft to jump off and smash a tile. They both break one and need to locate their keys. They both do at an even pace and swim back to shore. Ian and Corey go as well as Steve and AJ. All four get their keys with ease and swim back. The challenge is neck and neck. Alex and Stephen are up next and both smash their tiles. Stephen gets his key and swims back while Alex has a tough time finding where his landed. Kanza gets a slight lead by the time Alex finds it and swims back to shore. Kanza gets their fifth and final key to unlock their crate and have about a sixty second advantage over Yevapai.

They begin hurling the bags at the stack of blocks on a platform. Yevapai returns and hurriedly opens their crate and begins to throw them as well. By the time they start, Kanza's blocks are about 75% gone. Yevapai begins to catch up but will it be enough? Kanza has only a few blocks left to knock off the table while Yevapai has about 40% of their blocks left. 40% becomes 30% and 30% becomes 10% and before anyone knew it the tribes were neck and neck. Kanza was having a tough time knocking down their final block. Yevapai on the other hand, had no trouble at all knocking theirs down to win immunity.

The Kanza Tribe would face elimination at tribal council tonight

[Confessional] Stephen: Tribal tonight will be a mess, especially with Corey. Hopefully we can use his insanity as an excuse to vote him out.

Post-Challenge Day 9Edit

The first thing that happened upon return from the challenge was the scrambling to figure out who to vote out. Daniel suggests that they vote Johnny out, but tell Shay that they're voting Houston. Counting the votes, they figure they'll have Corey, Quinn, Houston, Daniel, and Ian to vote out Johnny. Shay will vote Houston, and then it wont matter who Johnny and Stephen vote for. 

[Confessional] Daniel: I have my idol and no one seems to be targeting me so I feel like I'm in a pretty good position right now. Houston and Quinn both tell me if anything isn't going according to plan, so tonight should be easy.

Johnny, Stephen, Ian, and Houston are also talking about the vote. Johnny and Stephen say it will be easy to convince people to vote out Corey after they cause one last meltdown. Stephen says he is going to tell Corey about burning his socks. Upon doing so, Corey loses his mind. He personally attacks Stephen bringing up his family and a variety of other insults. 

[Confessional] Houston: Oh my gosh. You can't just say stuff like that to people. It'll come back to bite you.

[Confessional] Corey: I've had it with him. He's gone. Tonight.

Corey goes to his alliance and tells them they need to vote out Stephen. The alliance is afraid to disagree with him right now, but says that they might need his vote. They try to remind him that Johnny is a bigger threat than Stephen, and they can focus on Stephen the next time they lose. Corey isn't having any of it.

The alliance must decide whether they should vote out Johnny without Corey and risk a 4-3-1 vote, or whether they should keep the peace and vote Stephen.

Houston approaches Quinn about voting out Corey after what he said to Stephen. Quinn agrees to think about it before they leave for tribal.

[Confessional] Quinn: Sure Corey is awful, but that makes him a target later on right? But Houston feels strongly about voting Corey out so I'll have to consider it.

At tribal council the usual questions are asked before getting to the vote.

ian, Daniel, Houston and Quinn cast their votes.

Corey: [Shows vote for Stephen] *shouting* You think you can screw with ME and get away with it? Goodbye.

Johnny: [Shows vote for Corey] I hope your loud mouth just got you voted out so I can take back majority. It might be me tonight, but hopefully you sealed the deal.

Shay and Stephen cast their votes and the votes are tallied. The person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. If anyone has a hidden immunity idol and would like to use it, now is the time to do so.

No one stands and the votes are read.

First vote: Stepen

Second vote: Corey

Third vote: Corey

Fourth vote: Corey

Fifth vote: Stephen

Sixth vote: Stephen

Seventh vote: Stephen

If the last vote is for Corey, a tie will be forced.














Eighth vote: and the fourth person voted out, Stephen.

Please bring me your torch.

Stephen, the tribe has spoken.

Sixteen remain, who will be voted out next time, on Survivor: The Cove?