Night 5Edit

Upon the tribe's return to camp, Quinn immediately pulls Shay aside to assure her that she made the right decision. Houston quickly inserts himself into their conversation thanking Shay as well, but Shay really wants nothing to do with Houston right now. She questions if she made the right choice by voting her so-called friend out and wonders if it'll further her in the game.

[Confessional] Shay: I can't believe I did that. Like really can't believe it. Houston will probably make me regret it somehow.

[Confessional] Quinn: Oh thank God Shay voted with us. All we need is for our group of five to stick together and go in strong at the merge. From there it should be an easy road if we can keep majority.

[Confessional] Corey: I'm not really surprised that Shay did that. That ***** always has the crazy mindset to vote emotionally. Better for me that way, with Paxton gone I'm in control.

Johnny and Shay have a conversation about how they need to still be wary of the trio of Daniel, Houston, and Quinn. Unless they can split them apart there's no way of getting them out really.

Day 6Edit

As the sun rises, the Yevapai Tribe begins their morning routine of boiling water, washing themselves in the ocean, collecting firewood, and cooking some rice for breakfast. As the day progresses and we head toward the late afternoon, Alex pulls Zeptis aside to try to make a deal with him. Alex explains that if the two of them want to make it far, that him, Zeptis, and Austin need to make a final three deal immediately in order to face what Alex assumes is an alliance between Steve, Anthony, and Nick. The six of them can vote together for now, but when it comes time to turn on each other they need to be on top of things.

[Confessional] Zeptis: I'm not really sure why Alex is so concerned right now. The only thing I'm concerned about today is winning reward and hopefully getting something better to eat than all this rice.

[Confessional] Alex: God, I hope I got through to Zeptis. I mean, he's an idiot. But he's a loyal idiot. If I have his vote i should be fine in this game because he'll drag the other fat lard Austin with him.

Of course, what would Day 6 be without a little idol hunting? The tribe begins to look around for the idol but little do they know that it was quietly found all the way back on Day 2. Let's rewind a bit shall we?

On day two while everyone was getting to know each other, a certain someone was off sneaking around in the woods looking in likely places for the idol. They told their tribe that they were running to gather some firewood, which they were, but also hunting for the idol at the same time. It only took an hour or so before they stumbled onto a tree with a rather large hole in one of the branches slightly higher up than what was reachable. This person decided it would be a good place to look for a hidden immunity idol. They climbed the tree with ease, reached into the hole, and grabbed the idol out. They knew that this would protect them from the vote as long as they used it properly. Dash wasn't going to be the one to get out with an idol in his pocket, he knew he had to keep this a secret.

As for the rest of Day 6, nothing exciting occurred. Everyone anxiously waited around camp for Day 7 to roll around when the next immunity challenge would take place.

Day 7Edit

Both tribes approach the beach and the Yevapai Tribe gets their first look at the Kanza Tribe where they are fairly shocked to learn that Paxton was voted out at the last tribal council. Kanza is reminded of their losing streak and asked if they will win today, to which the tribe seems optimistic.

The challenge is as follows: both tribes will have to race out into the ocean to untie a very heavy chest that is anchored to the ocean floor. Once the knots are undone, the chest can be hoisted up and brought back to the beach. From their, the tribe will use grappling hooks and a track to move the chest onto a platform. Once this enormous chest is returned to the platform, the winning tribe will receive immunity. Both tribes are also playing for a reward of comfort. They will win a few chairs, pillows, a blanket, a tarp, and some rope if they win the challenge.

Yevapai must sit two members out of this challenge who did not sit out previously. They choose Jimmy and Zeptis. 

Both tribes race to the water as soon as the challenge begins. It is apparent that a few people are not strong swimmers (Shay, Austin, and Vishaala), and they will have to stay behind to help pull the chest back once it is released. The Kanza Tribe seems to be making quicker work of their knots, probably because they only had one tribe member stay back. 

They quickly release the chest and begin to drag it back to the beach. Yevapai is quickly getting frustrated that they are falling behind. It is not until Kanza gets their chest back to the beach that Yevapai undoes their knots. Kanza has already begun to get the chest on the track by the time Yevapai returns to the beach. It would take a massive collapse for Kanza to lose this challenge. Yevapai hoists their chest up onto their track but by the time they do so, the Kanza Tribe has already returned their chest to the platform winning immunity and reward. The challenge was a complete blowout.

The Yevapai Tribe will face their first tribal council tonight.

[Confessional] Houston: It feels good to win for once! I'm sure we'll keep this up because Kanza is the greatest!

Post-Challenge Day 7Edit

For the first time, Yevapai will be attending tribal council. The group of six that is Alex, Austin, Steve, Anthony, Zeptis, and Nick seem to think that this will be an easy vote. They will all select a person to vote and go with that. Steve doesn't want to vote Jimmy, and the rest of the group isn't ready to cut Vishaala. That leaves AJ or Dash. They figure Dash will be a bigger physical threat to them later down the line and isn't really on anyone's bad side, so they should vote for him tonight.

[Confessional] Alex: As long as it ain't me that's going, what do I care? Dash might be one of our best physically but he certainly isn't socially.

[Confessioanl] Steve: As much as I'd like to cut Vishaala right now to minimize my personal target, I gotta do what the group wants for now.

Jimmy warns AJ and Dash that they are being targeted from what he's heard from Steve. Dash begins to wonder whether he should play his idol or not. He decides it would be smart to have a conversation with Anthony to determine whether or not it's him going tonight. Anthony decides to lie to him and says that they decided on AJ. Dash is appreciative, but wary that it might be him anyways so he decides to ask Nick as well. Clearly this was uncoordinated, as Nick tells him that it's most likely him going tonight. So which is the real answer?

[Confessional] Dash: I don't know what would be worse. Getting out with an idol, or using it when I don't have to and getting out next for it. I feel like Anthony might be a little more reliable in being honest with me but ultimately I want to feel 100% safe and not just 75% safe.

[Confessional] Anthony: Hell yeah I lied, if he has an idol I don't need him using that thing and sending me home! 

[Confessional] Nick: Who cares if he uses the idol *laughs* I'm not going home either way.

Dash approaches his group and tells them about his idol. He suggests they vote for Steve to cut off the head of the snake and if he feels like he needs to use the idol he will. They approach Austin and Zeptis to vote Steve as well. Zeptis and Austin suggest to Jimmy a final four with them and Alex. Jimmy of course accepts and tells them he thinks they should vote Steve tonight. They agree, and the tribe heads off to tribal council.

[Confessional] Jimmy: I think I made good allies out of Zeptis and Austin today. They can replace Steve for me and I can become the one who has power now.

After the regular session of questions and answers at tribal, everyone is called up to vote. AJ, Steve, and Nick cast their votes first.

Jimmy: [Shows vote for Steve] I hope everything works out and I'm able to take back some control tonight.

Austin, Zeptis, Alex, and Dash cast their votes.

Anthony: [Shows vote for Dash] I really hope Nick didn't screw this up for us by telling you that you were the vote tonight.

Lastly, Vishaala walks up to cast her vote and then comes back and takes her seat. 

The votes are tallied. The person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. If anyone has a hidden immunity idol and would like to use it, now is the time to do so.

The camera pans to Dash and the music plays louder. Everyone tries not to look at Dash but wonders if he will play it. After a long pause, no one says anything. The votes are read.

First vote: Steve

Second vote: Steve

Third vote: Steve

Fourth vote: Steve

Fifth vote: Dash

Sixth vote: Dash

Seventh vote: Dash

Eighth vote: Dash
















Ninth and Tenth votes: and the third person voted out of Survivor: The Cove...Dash.

Please bring up your torch.

Dash, the tribe has spoken.

Seventeen remain, who will be voted out next time, on Survivor: The Cove?