Night 27Edit

The tribe returns to camp and the majority alliance seems to be solidified again with a new 5-3 majority. 

[Confessional] Anthony: I'm glad Quinn got out, it puts me one step closer to the end and took out a big threat at winning the money. The last thing we're going to have to do is assure that the people in the end are our alliance and that I can beat them (laughs).

[Confessional] Steve: Everything is going according to plan again. We've got our solid four and don't have to worry about Zeptis flipping unless he wants to force rocks. I think I've got a good handle on what's going on.

Daniel, Houston, and Ian must find a way to get themselves back into the game. They say that anything will help at this point and that anything that keeps them there an extra day is something that they should do.

[Confessional] Daniel: We just have to work on one of two things. One, flipping the person on the bottom of the totem pole of their alliance or two, getting the rest of them to vote out the person on the bottom of their alliance. Anything else is too risky right now I think.

[Confessional] Ian: I still have this idol clue that I need to use to find it, but that's work for the morning. Right now we need to sleep on it and come together tomorrow.

The players go to sleep and await the next day.

Day 28Edit

The hunt for the idol is on. Daniel, Houston, and Ian wake up early to go search for it. They need the idol to protect themselves from the vote. Ian shows them the real clue which leads them to believe if they dig around where they get their treemail, they will find the idol.

All three set off at the break of dawn to go find the idol and won't accept coming back without it. They will dig until they find it or until everyone else wakes up.

[Confessional] Ian: I wouldn't mind either Houston or Daniel finding the idol because as a group we can collectively decide how to use it, and hopefully get someone like Steve or Anthony out of the game.

[Confessional] Daniel: If I find this idol, it's mine and I'll be playing it on myself. I may not have the jury votes if I make it to the end but I want to at least make it to the end.

[Confessional] Houston: If I somehow get this idol it's an idol for all of us. There's no other way to use this thing.

After some intense digging and just when it seems like they should give up before everyone else wakes up, Ian digs into the base of a tree and finds the idol. This is the fifth idol of the game and he plans on being the first to use it effectively.

[Confessional] Ian: Thank GOD I found this. I don't know how the other two really would have used it but now I'm ultimately in control of this idol and ready to completely turn this game around. Watch out.

Back at camp, Zeptis, Austin, Nick, Steve, and Anthony are concerned about the fact that the other three might have found an idol. Paranoia sets in and they realize they'll just have to lie about future votes and not let anything leak so that the idol will be misplayed.

[Confessional] Nick: There's only one option if an idol is played and it's to get someone like Zeptis out. Because really, who cares about him?

[Confessional] Steve: This could be a major problem for me as I'm a huge target. So is Anthony. (sigh) We'll have to be extra careful about the votes from here on.

The rest of Day 28 and Day 29 continue without incident. Day 30 will bring a crucial immunity challenge for a spot in the final seven.

Day 30Edit

Today's immunity challenge is another test of endurance. The person who can stand on their pedestal with a board between their head and the platform above them for the longest will win immunity. Each station is individually calibrated to the height of the contestant in that position. As the challenge goes on, the players will be tempted with food to see just how safe they feel.

The challenge begins and immediately Zeptis is wobbly and about ten seconds into the challenge he drops out. He is super angry about the fact that he wasn't even able to stay in until a food reward was offered as he is incredibly hungry. He sits on the bench pouting until the challenge is completed.

The first item up to tempt people to drop out is a plate of chicken wings. The first person to drop out will receive the entire plate as well as a glass of beer or soda. Nick drops out for this reward and enjoys his chicken from the losers bench. Austin was going to drop out but stayed up as Nick beat him to it.

The next item up is a giant bowl of ice cream with toppings of your choice. Anyone who drops out at this point will receive a bowl and can make a sundae on their own. This causes only Anthony to drop out leaving Ian, Houston, Daniel, Steve, and Austin left in.

No one seems to be tempted by the remaining rewards as they all seem very concerned about being the vote. Somewhere around 30 minutes into the challenge, Daniel loses focus for one second and drops out of the challenge. Houston and Steve follow suit and only Ian and Austin remain left in.

Everyone is quite stunned about how well Austin is performing in this challenge given his history to not do quite as well. The last reward offered to the contestants is a trip to any destination of their choosing after the game is over. Ian, having the idol in his pocket, drops out to take the prize and leaves Austin winning immunity.

Austin now has a one in seven shot at winning the prize money. The players must return to camp and decide how to place their votes tonight.

[Confessional] Zeptis: This was the worst thing that could have happened. No immunity and no food. Ugh.

Post-Challenge Day 30Edit

Immediate scrambling is done by Houston, Ian, and Daniel to try to prevent themselves from having to use the idol tonight. They have to decide on whether to aim to flip Zeptis or whether to target him. In the end, they decide to target him due to the fact that even if he flipped it still would only be a tie vote. Ian and Daniel approach Steve about voting him out. They pitch the fact that Zeptis has always been a wild card for them and if they were to vote him out they would still have a 4-3 majority. Ian and Daniel offer Steve a Final 3 deal with them and say Houston is too likeable to take to the end. Steve seems to accept but they know they'll have to wait until the vote to see if they can trust him.

[Confessional] Steve: I understand where they are coming from, it's definitely something to look into. Zeptis has been a crazy person since Day 1 and getting rid of him and keeping numbers might be a blessing. On the other hand, one of those three could use the idol after he's gone and bring it back to 3-3. We'll see what happens.

[Confessional] Daniel: I think our talk went pretty well. We still have to decide about the idol tonight and whether we think we need to use it or not.

[Confessional] Ian: From what I gather, I'm not the vote tonight and either way don't need to play my idol.

On the other side of things, Zeptis is suggesting they vote out Houston because he is well liked and hard to get out if you let him get far. Anthony and Steve agree, and say that that's who they should vote tonight.

[Confessional] Anthony: If Houston gets out, don't I become the "most popular" target? Maybe that's not the best thing to do. But I'll vote with the group for sure.

[Confessional] Nick: Right now the vote is very up in the air, but to be quite honest I don't care which one of the two goes tonight. Zeptis is a lunatic and Houston is a threat. Either way it's good.

It's time for the tribe to leave. At tribal council, they are all asked questions about how the one group is now controlling the majority, and what the minority can really do to prevent this from continuing. After the questions are done, it's time to vote.

Steve, Nick, and Daniel cast their votes.

Houston: [shows vote for Zeptis] I hope it's you and not one of us tonight. Good luck!

Zeptis: [shows vote for Houston] I really hope you don't have the idol and don't know you're being voted out.

Anthony, Austin, and Ian cast their votes and the votes are tallied.

The person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. If anyone has a hidden immunity idol and would like to use it, now is the time to do so. After an intense lift in the background music of the episode...

No one stands up to play an idol. The votes are read.















First vote: Zeptis

Second vote: Zeptis

Third vote: Zeptis

Fourth vote: Houston

Fifth vote: and the thirteenth person voted out, Zeptis. Please bring me your torch.

Zeptis, the tribe has spoken. It's time for you to go.

Seven remain, who will be voted out next time, on Survivor: The Cove?