Night 25Edit

As soon as the remaining players return to camp, an explosive fight immediately takes place between Zeptis and Nick. Zeptis is taking a lot of heat for voting out Alex, and no one doubts that it was actually him who did it so he owns up to it right away. Zeptis worries for his position in the game since everyone is so mad at him. If he has to stay with the old minority of Houston, Quinn, Ian, and Daniel, he will.

[Confessional] Zeptis: This is ridiculous. This entire game I had no chance at winning because I was viewed as Alex's sheep, and now that I vote him out everyone is pissed. I don't understand, you can't have it both ways.

[Confessional] Steve: Voting Alex wasn't even the problem with Zeptis. It's that we had a chance to vote Quinn and lost it, and now we have to worry about making sure we'll have the votes since Zeptis flipped.

[Confessional] Nick: Are. You. Kidding Me? That fat piece of **** voted out Alex for what? His own personal satisfaction? I can't wait to send him to Ponderosa where his fat self can eat brownies and peanut butter all day.

[Confessional] Quinn: I'm just glad we got majority for a round and it saved me. Now we have to worry about keeping it as I could just as easily go out next.

[Confessional] Daniel: Great, we got Zeptis for one vote. Now we have to worry about keeping majority, and he'll probably just flip right back to Austin, Steve, Nick, and Anthony.

The night ends after the fighting cools down and everyone goes to sleep. 

Day 26Edit

It's the day of the reward and the Survivor Auction. Each player will have $500 to spend on various different items. Everyone in the minority wants the clue to the idol that they assume will be in the auction at some point.

The first item up is a covered plate. Zeptis bids $60. Austin bids $80. Zeptis bids $100. No one else wants to bid this early and Zeptis wins the tray, which turns out to be a plate of nachos and cheese which he wolfs down before the next bid begins.

The second item up is a cheeseburger. Zeptis bids $200. Austin bids all $500 and takes the cheeseburger and a bottle of soda back to his seat.

The third item up for bid is a giant glass of wine and a small portion of steak. Steve immediately bids all $500 and takes his food.

The minority is patiently awaiting a clue or advantage later on.

The fourth item up for bid is letters from home. Anthony bids all $500 of his money to get his letter, and it is offered to anyone else for $500 as well. Anthony grabs his letter as does Houston. The only people remaining with money are Quinn, Daniel, Ian, Nick, and Zeptis.

The fifth item up is a scroll which Ian bids all of his money on. Nick also bids $500 and the two of them must draw rocks for the scroll, which Ian winds up winning. 

The last item up for bids is a challenge advantage which Quinn and Daniel are able to bid all $500 on. They will draw rocks for the advantage and Quinn wins the advantage.

[Confessional] Anthony: I was so happy to get to hear back from home. In a game like this, it's important to hear from your family and forget about the prize for a second. I'm doing this for me and my mom. I want to be able to win the money for her and give her a better life. After my dad left, I feel like it's my responsibility to win and give her anything she needs.

[Confessional] Ian: So the item I received was a clue to the immunity idol. I'm just going to tell everyone that I got a clue but give them the wrong one after I burn this. Hopefully my idol can help me later in the game if I find it.

[Confessional] Steve: Of course Quinn got the advantage. I blame Zeptis for not voting him out yesterday. What an idiot.

[Confessional] Quinn: I needed that so much, hopefully whatever the advantage is provides me enough of a lead to win immunity today and keep myself safe again.

The rest of Day 26 occurs and the tribe awaits their immunity challenge on Day 27.

Day 27Edit

The contestants arrive at the beach for their immunity challenge. Today's immunity challenge will go as follows:

With one hand, the castaways would hang on to a rope with several knots tied into it. The rope would be tied to one end of a heavy log. The other end of the log would be connected to a pivot point on a platform that the castaways would stand on. The castaways would start at the knot closest to the end of the log. Every three minutes, they would change hands and move one knot further down the rope. This would increase the angle of the log at the pivot point and increase the weight that the castaways would have to hold. The castaway who held on to the rope the longest would win. As part of Quinn's advantage received at the auction, he was allowed to move two knots higher up the rope at any point of the challenge.

The challenge begins easy and gets progressively harder as they moved down the rope. Eventually, they got to the last knot and it became incredibly difficult to hold on. By this point, Zeptis, Daniel, and Anthony are already out of the challenge. 

Quinn uses his advantage to move up two knots for a few minutes to gain an advantage. Nick and Houston drop out of the challenge leaving only Quinn, Steve, Ian, and Austin left in. Quinn moves down another knot and Ian drops out of the challenge. The final three is Quinn, Steve, and Austin. Just as Quinn drops down to the last knot, Austin falls out of the challenge.

Steve and Quinn battle it out for immunity. Steve recognizes the importance of this immunity and holds on for dear life. Quinn is struggling even though he had the advantage. The two of them are both about to slip its just a matter of who can hold on the longest. Quinn drops out of the challenge and Steve is left with immunity.

The tribes must walk back to camp, Steve having a one in eight shot at winning the prize.

[Confessional] Steve: I'm glad I won this one. If I hadn't it could have been me to go if Zeptis stayed with that side. Now we can vote out Quinn or even Zeptis for flipping. We'll see what happens.

Post-Challenge Day 27Edit

Daniel and Houston don't know if the best vote to do is Anthony. They want to vote him out because of how likeable he is, but realize Zeptis likely won't vote him. They decide to vote out Zeptis instead, as everyone is currently irritated with him. All they need is one of Anthony, Steve, Austin, or Nick to be irritated enough to cast a vote against him.

Zeptis gets wind of this and decides he'll vote Quinn tonight and tell everyone he's still with them. He wonders if he'll be voted out because he voted out Alex.

[Confessional] Zeptis: They can't possibly hate me that much, right?

[Confessional] Daniel: I think we can get the vote for this. We have the potential to get one or all of them to vote Zeptis to get rid of that annoyance.

[Confessional] Anthony: I just need to make it out of this week alive and I think I can go all the way to the end. I need this.

[Confessional] Quinn: It might be me tonight, but it might be Zeptis as well. If I go tonight, then it was my time. I think we could have this though.

It's time for the tribe to leave. At tribal council, they are all asked questions about how Alex leaving impacted the game. Zeptis talks about how it made him look bad and how he might get out because of it. After the questions are done, it's time to vote.

The first people to vote are Houston, Steve, and Ian.

Daniel: [Shows vote for Zeptis] This is the vote we have to go with in order to secure a majority and prevent Quinn from going. Sorry.

Quinn, Nick, Anthony, and Austin vote.

Zeptis: [Shows vote for Quinn] It's either you or me tonight. I hope it's you.

The votes are tallied. The person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. If anyone has a hidden immunity idol and would like to use it, now is the time to do so.

No one stands up.

First vote: Zeptis

Second vote: Zeptis

Third vote: Zeptis

Fourth vote: Zeptis

Fifth vote: Quinn

Sixth vote: Quinn

Seventh vote: Quinn

Eighth vote: Quinn


















Ninth vote: and the twelfth person voted out and the third member of the jury, Quinn. Please bring me your torch.

Quinn, the tribe has spoken. It's time for you to go.

Eight remain, who will be voted out next time, on Survivor: The Cove?