Night 23Edit

When the tribe returns to camp that night, Austin and Zeptis discuss their choices going forward. They think that it's time for them to set their own destiny in the game and move forward with people they think they can beat. They decide its time to go after one of the following people: Alex, Steve, or Daniel. Daniel, Houston, and Quinn have been targets since the start and they could probably be picked off by the other four at final seven. Alex has been trying to control them since the beginning, but they believe he's loyal to them and will take them to the end in an attempt to win.

[Confessional] Austin: It'll be easier to think about the game once we get something to eat. I hope there's a reward challenge tomorrow that I can win and finally get some foooood

[Confessional] Zeptis: People think they can control me because I'm weak, but I'll prove to them that I can't just be pushed around. We're going to do something big.

Everyone goes to sleep and hopes a reward challenge is coming the next day.

Day 24Edit

Steve and Nick have a discussion about where the game is headed. They talk about being unsure of whether to take Anthony to the end with them because of how favorably people view him and how likable he is. They wonder if they should bring in someone like Austin or Zeptis in order to give themselves a better shot. They talk to Zeptis about the potential of this kind of deal.

[Confessional] Zeptis: This is exactly what I mean. People just come to me when they need a vote and I'm sick of it.

[Confessional] Nick: I don't know if we should have asked Zeptis...he's kind of a little you know...cuckoo...

[Confessional] Steve: Oh good lord, we probably just made a mistake doing that but we need a goat with us in the end so maybe it'll work.

The tribe gets a treemail that says a reward challenge will take place today. The tribe arrives at the challenge to find out that they're playing a quiz about the players in the game. Each player will answer a survey before the challenge and then have to answer who was the majority answer to each question. The winner will get to go to a pre-screening of Tomorrowland from Disney. They will get ice cream, candy, and popcorn while at the movie.

[Confessional] Austin: I WANT MOVIE! I WANT MOVIE! I WANT MOVIE!

The first question is "Who is the biggest physical threat?" 

The majority answered Quinn and 7 people remain in the challenge.

The second question is "Who is playing a third place game?"

The majority answers Zeptis and 4 people remain: Austin, Zeptis, Houston, and Daniel.

The third question is "Who is the most out of their element?"

The majority answers Austin and Houston is out.

The fourth question is "Which person left is most likely to win?"

Austin answers Alex, Zeptis answers Steve, and Daniel answers himself.

The correct answer was Alex and Austin wins reward. He is allowed to bring along 4 other people. He chooses Zeptis, Alex, Nick, and Anthony. Everyone else must return back to camp. The five of them enjoy their reward and return later that night.

Day 25Edit

Immunity will take place today and the tribes prepare themselves for the upcoming challenge. There is discussion of who they want to and don't want to win immunity.

[Confessional] Anthony: Quinn can't win today, as we said yesterday at reward he's the biggest physical threat. I'll have to talk it over with my alliance and see if we can vote him if he loses.

[Confessional] Quinn: If I don't win immunity, I'll have to do a lot of work to make sure that I'm safe. There's gotta be someone who would be willing to flip.

[Confessional] Ian: Yeah, we're pretty screwed if we don't have an idol we can use or if we don't get immunity. We need one of the targets like Steve or Alex to lose immunity so we can get the numbers.

[Confessional] Alex: These losers aren't going to get the numbers to vote me out as long as we have Austin and Zeptis. I know they don't feel good right now, but you know they never have the balls to flip against Steve or me.

The immunity challenge involves the castaways holding a ball on a plate for as long as possible. After fifteen minutes, a second ball will be added, and after thirty, a third ball. The last player holding their balls (go on and laugh) on their plate will win immunity. As the challenge begins, Austin and Anthony are immediately out. Austin throws his plate on the ground in frustration. Everyone else makes it to the portion of the challenge where they place a second ball on the plate. Zeptis, Alex, and Steve lose their balance with the plate and their balls fall to the ground. Five players remain and make it to the third ball. The challenge goes on for an hour or so when only Nick and Quinn remain. Everyone is hoping Nick will win so that they can vote Quinn out and have an easy night strategizing. Nick's balls are starting to roll around and Quinn seems steady. A gust of wind comes around and somehow moves one of Quinn's balls to the edge, where it eventually falls off what seems like milliseconds before one of Nicks, leaving Nick with immunity.

The tribes walk back to camp and need to decide who will leave tonight. 

[Confessional] Nick: Damn right I won immunity, who's the threat now?

Post-Challenge Day 25Edit

The six person majority agrees that they need to vote Quinn out of the game. He clearly has proven that he can always win immunity and they don't know how many chances they will get. Zeptis goes over to the minority however, and suggests that they vote out either Steve or Alex. Alex gets wind of this and tells Steve and says he wants to vote Zeptis out now. 

[Confessional] Alex: I let this little ***** stay safe in this game for 25 days and now he wants to vote out the people who protected him? **** that!

[Confessional] Zeptis: Yeah, I did suggest we vote out one of the bigger targets. I want me and Austin to have the deciding power and be able to do what we want.

[Confessional] Steve: We aren't voting out Zeptis regardless of Alex wanting to. We'll keep the vote on Quinn and even if Alex votes Zeptis, it'll still be 5-4-1. 

Austin tells Zeptis how mad Alex is about him bringing up his name but reminds Zeptis they need to stay in majority before they can make a move. He thinks they should break up the group of Daniel, Houston, and Quinn tonight.

[Confessional] Austin: I understand what Zeptis wants to do but it just aint time yet!

[Confessional] Daniel: Will we get the votes to save Quinn? Probably not. But anything could happen.

Zeptis has a moment to reflect on what he should do tonight before tribal council. He makes a list of the pros and cons of each side in his head and tries to make up his mind on how to vote. He wonders whether or not people are actually voting for him after Alex has been so pissed with him.

[Confessional] Zeptis: On one hand, I can vote with Houston, Daniel, and Quinn tonight and make the minority the new majority. On the other hand, I can vote with my old majority and make the move next round. Then Austin wouldn't be mad at me and the timing might be better. I'm not sure what to do. I'll decide at tribal tonight.

When they arrive at tribal council, Zeptis is asked a lot of questions about loyalty in this game and he gets more and more annoyed with each one. They all talk about timing and when is the best point to make a move.

Everyone is ready to vote. The first people to vote are Steve, Nick, and Ian.

Anthony: [Shows vote for Quinn] I'm sorry baby but you gotta go tonight. You're a threat!

Alex: [Shows vote for Zeptis] Maybe this will show you that you should value those who help you in games.

Daniel: [Shows vote for Alex] Hopefully you getting mad at Zeptis was finally the thing that breaks him. I hope he doesn't continue to be a sheep.

Zeptis, Austin, Houston, and Quinn vote and the votes are tallied.

The person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. If anyone has a hidden immunity idol and would like to use it, now is the time to do so.

Zeptis stands up and says that he would like to use his idol in case Alex got the votes for him. All votes against Zeptis will not count.

First vote: Zeptis, does not count.

Second vote: Quinn

Third vote: Alex

Fourth vote: Alex

Fifth vote: Alex

Sixth vote: Quinn

Seventh vote: Quinn

Eighth vote: Alex

Ninth vote: Quinn

It all comes down to the last vote and assumedly what Zeptis did. 

















Tenth vote: and the eleventh person voted out, Alex. Please bring me your torch.

Alex, the tribe has spoken. It's time for you to go.

Nine remain, who will be voted out next time, on Survivor: The Cove?