Hello and welcome to the first and only season of Survivor: The Cove Chat. This is the story behind a simulation of Survivor using The Cove Skype chat as participants. The following is your cast and their filler role:

  • AJ - The Island Whore
  • Alex - The Snarky Confessionalist
  • Andrew - The Book Smart Mediator
  • Anthony - The OTT Low Key Whore
  • Austin - The Shady & Offensive One
  • Corey - The Villain No One Will Like
  • Daniel - The Overly Cocky One
  • Dash - The Recruit
  • Houston - The One Who's Friends With Everyone
  • Ian - The Goofball
  • Jimmy - The INV then OTT edit
  • Johnny - The Hothead
  • Nick - The Questionably Casted One
  • Paxton - The Fan Favorite
  • Quinn - The Goat
  • Shay - The Drama Starter
  • Stephen - The One There For The Experience
  • Steve - The Dark Horse
  • Vishaala - The One No One Understands
  • Zeptis - The One Who Annoys Everyone

And with that, we may begin!

Arrival on Day 1

It is Day 1 on the island. Everyone arrives and of course, being that this is The Cove, everyone is given some sort of voice-over that displays them saying how they're likely going to win because they're the smartest or the funniest or the best person in the game.

[Confessional] Shay: I don't even really want to partake in this game. Johnny isn't talking to me and I only really came to play for Andrew. If I happen to make it far into the game, I'll probably make it to the end by asking to get voted out a bunch of times and people won't "for the lulz".

[Confessional] Steve: I'm probably smarter than the majority of the people here. I'm not particularly hated by anyone so I should have an awfully easy time convincing people to vote with me. Vishaala though, she'll make me a target because she's loved by everyone and I can't compete with that level of nice.

[Confessional] Johnny: How mad do you think Shay would be if I tried to get her out? I'll just vote with whatever I think will keep me safe, and if that means Shay has to go then so be it.

Everyone arrives at the beach and it is announced that they will be split into two teams of ten. They will draw a bag from a basket that will contain their buff color. They open the bags to reveal which tribe they are placed on. The tribes consist of the following people:

Red Tribe also known as Kanza: Andrew, Corey, Daniel, Houston, Ian, Johnny, Quinn, Paxton, Shay, and Stephen.

Blue Tribe also known as Yevapai: AJ, Alex, Anthony, Austin, Dash, Jimmy, Nick, Steve, Vishaala, and Zeptis.

The tribes must find their way back to their respective beaches to settle in for the night and await their first challenge the next day.

Upon arrival to the Kanza beach, alliances begin to form almost immediately. Johnny begins to speak to Andrew about getting people together for majority. Johnny believes he can get Stephen's vote for three, but doesn't necessarily want to work with Shay. Andrew has Shay's vote no matter what, bringing the alliance total to four votes. They think it's better to work with Houston than against him for now, so they bring him in for a fifth. Houston controls Quinn's vote, so that should be a simple six person majority.

Kanza Alliance #1: Johnny, Andrew, Shay, Houston, Quinn, and Stephen.

[Confessional] Andrew: I'm not sure how well this alliance is going to work out when Johnny and Shay are at each other's throats at the moment. They usually wind up getting over it though, so hopefully everything works out.

[Confessional] Daniel: If anyone can bring Shay and Johnny back together, it's Andrew. That's kind of dangerous, no?

For some reason, Paxton was not included in this alliance so he begins to form his own. He approaches Corey and Shay since Corey was not asked to be a part of the other alliance either, and Shay because he knows she won't vote him out. Paxton is close with Ian as well, so he ropes him into their group for three. Daniel approaches Paxton about woriking against Houston, like he has something to prove. Daniel also asks Quinn to work with them against Houston because of how funny it would be to make Houston think he has control when he doesn't.

Kanza Alliance #2: Corey, Daniel, Paxton, Ian, Shay, and Quinn.

[Confessional] Corey: So right off the bat I feel like I have control of my alliance. I figured I'd get Paxton to get people to join it so that we can go deep in this game. Shay's annoying but if she votes with Paxton, she's ok for now.

[Confessional] Daniel: Shay is an idiot. Corey is a bigger idiot. Unless we can get her to ignore the future of her own game, we won't have her vote.

Over on the Yevapai tribe, alliances are formed just as quickly. Steve figures having Vishaala with him in this game will only hold him back. He approaches Anthony and Austin, two people he knows he can control because of their strange attraction to him. Nick he feels is a loyal sheep and he brings him in as well. Alex isn't the closest with the rest of The Cove much like Steve, so he joins the group as well.

Yevapai Alliance #1: Alex, Anthony, Austin, Nick, and Steve.

[Confessional] Alex: I don't know why I expected anything more than to be a part of the REJECTS alliance...

Meanwhile, Jimmy, being fearful of not having an alliance, gets Dash and AJ to join him in a Final 3 deal. Vishaala knows when Steve is being shady with her, so she begins to talk to Jimmy and AJ about it. Zeptis is left out of both alliances as usual, but Jimmy feels he can get Zeptis's vote in the end.

Yevapai Alliance #2: AJ, Dash, Jimmy, and Vishaala.

Thus concludes Day 1, and both tribe go to sleep and await their combined immunity and reward challenge the following day.

Day 2

The teams arrive at the challenge and are informed they will be playing for reward and immunity. The reward will be a stick of flint to start a fire back at camp. Immunity of course, will keep their team safe.

The challenge involves five players running through an obstacle course to retrieve a bundle of pieces at the end of the course. They must return with the pieces before the next person can go. Once all five bundles are retrieved, the other five players can begin working on a puzzle. The first team to complete the puzzle will win reward and immunity.

The teams are pretty even throughout the entire challenge. The main puzzle solvesr for Kanza are Johnny and Andrew, while the solvers for Yevapai are Alex and Anthony. When it's Shay's turn to run the obstacle course, she gets tangled up in a rope maze. Naturally, Johnny begins yelling about how she needs to hurry up which only slows her down. On the other tribe, Zeptis and Austin feel offended because they were told to be a part of the puzzle team because they are fat. Yevapai finishes their obstacle course first and begins to work on the puzzle. By the time Kanza begins, Johnny is frustrated at his team's poor performance and cannot focus on the puzzle. Andrew takes a calm approach and begins to make up time on the Yevapai tribe. Before too long, it's neck and neck again. With only a few pieces left, Vishaala notices that their puzzle is shifted the wrong way. She begins to rearrange the pieces. Kanza is half a dozen pieces away. Six becomes five, four, three, two...Yevapai wins immunity and reward! Before anyone realized it, Anthony and Vishaala had solved the puzzle and won the challenge. Kanza would be going to tribal.

[Confessional] Johnny: Wow, what a shock, we lost. I wonder who's fault this one was *eye roll*. If Shay doesn't get out, I'll be pissed.

Back at camp, Corey and Daniel devise a plan to vote out Johnny and eliminate the feud between him and Shay. Paxton interjects himself and considers how voting out Andrew might be smarter because he's the one that could smooth things over between the pair. They begin to set a plan in motion to vote out Andrew, but question how they could do it without Shay's vote. Corey tells Quinn about a plan they came up with to blindside Andrew. Quinn will tell Shay moments before tribal that he found the idol, and that he knows to play it on Andrew because everyone is voting him. He will tell Shay to vote Andrew with him to still keep them good with both sides.

Johnny is ranting about how Shay needs to go when Houston tells him and Andrew about the plan to blindside Andrew. He says he doesn't think Quinn will actually follow through with it, but that the whole plan was Corey's idea. Instead of voting Shay, maybe they should vote Corey.

Johnny and Andrew approach Shay before tribal to inform her that Quinn might not vote with them, and that Shay should vote with Johnny and Andrew at tribal, but Shay doesn't seem to understand. After a long while explaining, it seems she has grasped what is going on.

[Confessional] Stephen: This will be a wild tribal council, everything might go according to plan, but if it doesn't, that would be hilarious.

[Confessional] Ian: Tonight's vote relies on Quinn and Shay. If he convinced her to be an idiot, then yeah we might have the votes. But I think people underestimate how not completely inept Shay is.

At tribal, many questions are asked before the vote involving the drama that has happened at camp and the challenges. The vote is then started off. Johnny, Andrew, Paxton, and Stephen vote.

Corey: [vote shows as Andrew] Sorry Andrew, gotta break you and your master Shay up! Hopefully she plays dumb!

Shay, Quinn, Daniel and Houston vote.

Ian: [vote shows as Andrew] This tribal will be either horribly wrong or comical. Hopefully the latter.

Ian returns and the votes are tallied. The person voted out will be asked to leave the tribal council area immediately. If anyone has an idol and would like to use it now would be the time to do so.

Everyone turns and looks at Quinn. Quinn never stands up. Shay gasps.

First Vote: Andrew

Second Vote: Andrew

Third Vote: Corey

Fourth Vote: Andrew

Fifth Vote: Quinn

Sixth Vote: Corey

Seventh Vote: Corey

Eighth Vote: Corey

Ninth Vote: Andrew














Tenth Vote: Andrew. Please bring me your torch.

Sorry Andrew, the tribe has spoken.

Nineteen remain, who will be voted out next round, on Survivor: The Cove?